Cathedral of the Holy Angels

Holy Rosary

SS. Monica & Luke

St. Mark

St. Mary of the Lake







As sturdy as a deep-rooted oak,

our Cluster of Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Gary; grows together and finds  energy and life-giving spirit when working and praying in unison.

We advance and grow in faith together.

We pray and praise as we celebrate and give thanks for God's presence in our lives as a community of faith through liturgy and sacraments.

Our leaves reflect the sun and sway in the wind, and

We remember the joy of Pentecost, when we gather together as one family, a family that is multicultural and intergenerational.

Our expanse is broad and spreads outward.

We come from five parishes. Our story is unique! People who hear it are amazed. Because we are committed to one another in care, service, and response to needs, we are a model for others. Each of us belongs. We participate and give of our talents and gifts!

The sun shines on us.

We believe:

        in our common baptismal ministry as we continue the mission of Jesus;

        in passing on the Faith to all generations;

        in education and leadership training;

        in stewardship as we share our gifts and administer our Church;

        in outreach to our local community and to the world;

        in striving to form communion with our neighbors;

        in inviting our neighbors to join in our faith life, and

        in fulfilling our prophetic mission by working for justice.

With a commitment to a cycle of life,

And through our ministries,

        all of us are committed as we welcome and gather members of

all ages for various events and programs-children, youth,

young adults, adults, seniors;

        all of us are inspired as we care for the sick and homebound;

        all of us are peace-filled as we care for those bereaved.

We are courageous and withstand all kinds of weather,

        in ministering to our parishioners who are troubled and in need;

        in struggling together to keep our parish properties

        in good shape; and

        in giving generously to remain financially stable.

We have a vigorous trunk our leadership.

By our Baptism we are all called to leadership.

ALL are priests, sharing in the ministry of Jesus.

Our Gary Cluster of Parishes is a splendid mosaic of an oak tree, with no two pieces alike.

We are hope-filled as we pass on our inheritance to our children,

and to their children!

We have faith in God and in ourselves, the Gary Cluster!






The five parishes that make up the Catholic Community of Gary cooperate to ensure that the Church in Gary is both viable and vibrant and thus able to meet the spiritual needs of the community.  It also aspires to exert a positive influence on decision-makers and institutions in the City of Gary, thereby improving the community's overall quality of life.  This mission is accomplished at three levels:

bulletOne, through a shared commission structure;
bulletTwo, through cooperative initiatives undertaken by the pastoral councils of the five member parishes;
bulletThree, through the joint efforts of the pastors and laity of Holy Angels Cathedral, Holy Rosary Parish, St. Mark Parish, St. Mary of the Lake Parish, and SS. Monica & Luke Parish.



The five parishes that make up the Catholic Community of Gary have adopted the following objectives with respect to their cluster-level activities:

bulletThe development of a common vision for the Catholic Community of Gary;
bulletThe development of strategies and decision-making structures through which various administrative and pastoral changes can be met;
bulletThe projection of an influential and positive voice in the Diocese of Gary;
bulletThe projection of an influential and positive voice in the broader community on issues of concern to the faith community; and
bulletThe development of a viable model for other parishes seeking to enter into cluster relationships.

In pursuing these objectives, the several commissions in which the cluster-level activities of the Catholic Community of Gary are conducted aspire to be viewed as effective partners to the pastoral councils of the five parishes that make up the cluster.




Cluster Parish


Holy Angels


Holy Rosary

4:00 PM  English

SS. Monica & Luke


St. Mark

4:00 PM English and 6:00 PM Spanish

St. Mary of the Lake

6:00 PM English



Cluster Parish

Early Morning


Late Morning

Holy Angels


10:00 AM


Holy Rosary

8:00 AM Bilingual



SS. Monica & Luke


10:00AM English


St. Mark

8:00 AM English


12 Noon Spanish

St. Mary of the Lake


10:00 AM English




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